Is This Novel Available?

Parts of it, yes.  I have published excerpts from it on my Education site and various others.  I will note new ones below when next I have time to update this page.   The whole novel?  I hope not, but as they say, the Internet never forgets.  At one time this large experimental novel was available as a zipped sequence of text files.  But they stem from a time when I naively believed that Social Technology could only change society for the better.  Now I see the dangers.

Please click that link or this one, which illustrate the potential dangers of new social technology.   I discovered or rediscovered the key algorithm while writing yet another novel.  Writing books is a great way to flesh out your ideas, but you always run the risk of having a new one.   The way society works, it is unlikely that I was the first person to invent the algorithm, and will certainly not be the last.  There is no point in hiding it, all I can do is warn people.